PROJECTS: Ongoing projects

Ongoing projects

Online Sensing and Digitalization of Drinking Water Supply Systems for Timely Mitigation of Chemical and Microbial Risks

A StEp forward in the ResiLient management Of DrinKing Water Utilities. From applied research to full-scale validation

Implementation of forward osmosis membrane technology to transform urban wastewater treatment in resource recovery factory

Water Resources Management in Visitor Attractions – FIT4USE Water Recirculation Technology

smart CompreheNsive training to mainstrEam neW approaches for climaTe-neutRal cities through citizen engAgement and decision-making support for innovative governance and integrated pLanning

Integration of NDN with P, K and N recovery as (K-) struvite fertilizer in swine manure treatment

Bioelectroconversion of orGAnic waste streams and CO2 into sustaInAble fuels

Portable bioelectrochemical modules for decentralised mitigation of CO2 emissions using surplus energy