Advanced Technology for Microbial Electro-Synthesis of Platform cHemicals and Efficient in-situ Recovery via Electrodialysis

Microbial electrosynthesis (MES) is a promising carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) technology that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enable greener chemistry. To date, MES has been employed primarily to produce acetic acid from CO2. However, enhancements of reactor design and meticulous control of operating conditions could pave the way for the selective production of more valuable middle chain fatty acids (i.e. caproic acid). This will also facilitate downstream processing (extraction and concentration) of the produced chemicals to meet the commercialisation standards. The EU-funded ATMESPHERE project is developing a novel biorefinery concept for the sustainable production, extraction and concentration of caproic acid from CO2.

Dr Paolo Dessi

European Commission
Duration:24 months
Total budget:
LEQUIA grant:160.932,48 Euros