Mem 2.0

Integration of recycled membranes in water processes

Mem2.0 will foster systems that demonstrate the potential and the applicability of second hand membranes (end-of-life RO and recycled NF-UF membranes) for drinking water and wastewater treatment (at pilot and real scale). Additionally, Mem2.0 will integrate the experimental results and the most relevant information related to end-of-life pressure driven membrane management into two existing decision making tools. This will let to membrane users to select second hand membranes as best practice at industrial level according to specific information. The identification of the potential process for membrane reuse are hot topic and it is a key aspect for second hand membrane market penetration. The first year of this fellowship will take place in University of North South Wales (Australia).

Experienced researcher: Dr Raquel García Pacheco. Supervisor: Dr Joaquim Comas Matas


Web mapping

Alternative management of membranes at their end-of-life (landfill disposal or incineration):


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Technology transfer

Membrane arrangement and corresponding assembly method. European patent submitted on 31/1/2020. Ref. EP20382065.9

Duration:24 months
Total budget:
LEQUIA grant:114.053 Euros