Author: Oriol Gutiérrez García-Moreno

Identificació de paràmetres cinètics i estequiomètrics del procés de depuració de fangs actius mitjançant l'aplicació de tècniques respiromètriques.

The Activated Sludge treatment system is one of the techniques more used around the world as a biologic treatment of waste water. Modelling and Simulation software’s allow to get knowledge about the behaviour of Activated Sludge processes in a fast and easy way, to compare different treatment technologies and to determine which are the most economic operation strategies for a WWTP. The aim of this thesis consists of the identification of the main kinetic parameters and stoichiometric coefficients that characterize the Activated Sludge process using the measure of oxygen uptake rate of the biomass. Two different kind of instruments has been designed to measure the Activated Sludge respiration: a Sequential Closed Respirometre (RTS, from Respirometre Tancat Seqüencial) and a Closed Respirometre (RT from Respirometre Tancat). Also a Program for the Analysis of Respirometries (PAR from Programa d’Anàlisi de Respirometries) has been developed to determine the most representatives kinetics parameters and activated sludge characteristics in different cases.

Author:Oriol Gutiérrez García-Moreno
Supervisor:Dr. Ignasi Rodríguez-Roda and Dr. Jesus Colprim
Evaluation:Excel.lent Cum Laude