Integration of NDN with P, K and N recovery as (K-) struvite fertilizer in swine manure treatment

Development of a new process for the recovery of potassium struvite for use as a fertiliser with applications in the treatment of pig slurry

Water Resources Management in Visitor Attractions – FIT4USE Water Recirculation Technology

Portable bioelectrochemical modules for decentralised mitigation of CO2 emissions using surplus energy

Advanced Technology for Microbial Electro-Synthesis of Platform cHemicals and Efficient in-situ Recovery via Electrodialysis

Implementation and validation of a decision support system for the control and management of drinking water treatment plants

Bioelectroconversion of orGAnic waste streams and CO2 into sustaInAble fuels

Implementation of forward osmosis membrane technology to transform urban wastewater treatment in resource recovery factory

A StEp forward in the ResiLient management Of DrinKing Water Utilities. From applied research to full-scale validation

Edible Cities Network – Integrating Edible City Solutions for social resilient and sustainably productive cities

Toward the development of an EDSS for water treatment works: from basic research to optimal operation at full-scale

Tratamiento biológico de lixiviados mediante una nitritación parcial y oxidación anaerobia del amonio en el proceso PANI-SBR y ANAMMOX

Interdisciplinary concepts for municipal wastewater treatment and resource recovery. Tackling future challenges

Conception of the Sewage Treatment Plant of the XXI Century. Development, implementation and evaluation of technologies for the treatment and resources recovery from wastewaters.

Decision support system for the control and remote operation of membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment and reclamation.

puShing aHead with field implementatiOn of best fitting WasteWater treatment and management solutions

Bioelectrochemical systems for water treatment: from extracelullar electronical transfer to biotechnological application

CLOsing the NItrogen Cycle from urban landfill leachate by biological nitrogen removal over nitrite and termal treatment.

Demonstrating integrated innovative technologies for an optimal and safe closed water cycle in Mediterranean tourist facilities

Demonstration of innovative water solutions for reuse of water, recovery of valuable substances and resource efficiency in urban wastewater treatment

The fate of micropollutants and disinfection by-products in integrated membrane systems followed by diseinfection. The potencial of indirect and direct potable reuse.

smart CompreheNsive training to mainstrEam neW approaches for climaTe-neutRal cities through citizen engAgement and decision-making support for innovative governance and integrated pLanning

Online Sensing and Digitalization of Drinking Water Supply Systems for Timely Mitigation of Chemical and Microbial Risks