Author: Francesc Devesa Peiró

Desenvolupament d'un sistema de suport a la decisió per a la gestió de les infraestructures hidràuliques amb l'objectiu de garantir la qualitat de l'aigua a la Conca del Besòs.

This thesis presents an integrated management project for hydraulic sanitation infrastructures at the basin of the River Besòs. Two sanitation systems were taken into account (La Garriga and Granollers) with their respective sewage systems and Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP), and one stretch of the River Congost, a tributary of the Besòs, as a receptor environment for their waste water. To this end, an Environmental Decision Support System (EDSS) was constructed and used. This tool incorporates the use of water quality simulation models for the sewage systems, WWTP and river as a means of obtaining knowledge about the integrated management of these elements. This knowledge is later conceptualised in the form of decision trees, which provide the user with the interventions to be carried out when faced with the various real situations which arise in day-to-day management

Author:Francesc Devesa Peiró
Supervisor:Dr. Manel Poch and Dr. Joaquim Comas i Matas
Evaluation:Excel·lent Cum Laude