Author: Hèctor Monclús Sales

Development of a Decision Support System for the integrated control of membrane bioreactors

The work presented in this PhD thesis includes various partial studies aimed at developing a decision support system for membrane bioreactor integrated control. The decision support systems (DSS) have as a main goal to facilitate the operation of complex processes due to the multiple variables that are processed. For this reason, the research used has focused on aspects related to nutrient removal, and on the development of indicators or sensors capable of facilitating, automating and controlling the filtration process in an integrated way with the biological processes that taking place. Work has also been done on the design, development, implementation and validation of tools based on the knowledge made available by the automatic control and the supervision of the MBRs.

Author:Hèctor Monclús Sales
Supervisor:Dr. Joaquim Comas and Ignasi Rodríguez-Roda
Evaluation:Excel·lent Cum Laude