Author: Damià Murlà Tuyls

Coordinated management of Urban Wastewater Systems by means of advanced Environmental Decision Support Systems

In the last decades and due to the Water Framework Directive implementation, the urban wastewater cycle management has become more complex. The concept of integrated urban wastewater system management is introduced, and it becomes necessary to consider some new data as the sewer system characteristics or the receiving body. In this sense, environmental decision support systems (EDSS) are very useful and powerful tools to support during the decision making process. A new EDSS for the integrated urban wastewater system management has been developed integrating data from several sources (bibliographic, theoretical or historical) and a real case-based virtual system able to perform simulations. Results demonstrate the benefits of using this kind of systems in comparison with a standard approach, which do not use the expert knowledge and encourages continuing with this research in order to improve the quality and efficiency of this type of EDSSs.

Author:Damià Murlà Tuyls
Supervisor:Dr. Manel Poch i Dr. Oriol Gutiérrez (ICRA)
Evaluation:Excel·lent Cum Laude