Author: Manel Garrido Baserba

Development of an Environmental Decision Support System for the selection and integrated assessment of process flow diagrams in wastewater treatment

The wastewater treatment plays an important role in the maintenance of natural water resources. However, regardless of the technology used or the level of treatment required, the treatment plants of the XXI century are highly complex systems that not only need to meet technical requirements, but also environmental and economic criteria. In this context, decision support systems for environmental domains (English, Environmental Decision Support Systems or EDSS) are configured as an effective tool to support the selection and evaluation of integrated water treatment alternatives. The EDSS designed can be defined as interactive software, flexible and adaptable, which links the numerical models / algorithms, techniques and environmental ontologies, knowledge-based environment, and is capable of supporting decision making, either in choosing between different alternatives, improving potential solutions, or in the integrated assessment using methodologies ranging from environmental (Life Cycle Analysis) to economic…

Author:Manel Garrido Baserba
Supervisor:Dr. Manel Poch i Dr. Luis Larrea (CEIT)
Evaluation:Excel·lent Cum Laude