Authors: Radinja, M., Comas, J., Corominas, L., Atanasova, N.

Assessing stormwater control measures using modelling and a multi-criteria approach

This paper presents a methodology for assessing the selection of stormwater control measures (SCM)within an urban drainage system that combines hydrological-hydraulic modelling and multi-criteria analysis (MCA). The methodology’s utility is illustrated on urban catchment in the city of Girona, Spain. The SWMM model was applied and calibrated to simulate SCM scenarios. Seven scenarios were evaluated consisting of one grey infrastructure measure using underground storage tank and three nature-based SCM i.e. infiltration basins, infiltration trenches, green roofs, and combinations thereof. These scenarios were evaluated with MCA including combined sewer overflow (CSO)reduction, CAPEX, OPEX, amenity, biodiversity, and feasibility regarding ownership. The results show that the scenario that included only infiltration basins was most favourable, followed by the scenario which combined infiltration basins and trenches. The underground storage tank was the least favourable with the lowest grade, due to high CAPEX and OPEX, and due to single functionality.

Authors:Radinja, M., Comas, J., Corominas, L., Atanasova, N.
Reference:Journal of Environmental Management Volume 243, 1 August 2019, Pages 257-268